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AIM WA•UWA Business School Executive Education (Executive Education) is an alliance between the Australian Institute of Management Western Australia (AIM WA) and the University of Western Australia Business School.

Based in Perth, and serving clients in Western Australia, Australia and internationally, Executive Education brings the intellectual depth of one of Australia's leading business schools together with the applied focus of Western Australia's foremost learning and development institute.

The Fair Work Act and Workplace Bullying

17-18 June 2014

In 2011, the Productivity Commission estimated that workplace bullying costs Australia between $6 billion and $36 billion every year. Both the Federal government and opposition have recognised the significance of the issue and recently supported the inclusion of workforce bullying provisions in the Fair Work Act.

These provisions require employers to become far more proactive in both preventing and resolving workplace conflicts.

This workshop will deal with these issues as well as how the new legislation provides impetus for a more strategic approach that minimises actual or perceived bullying, and at the same time contributes to greater employee engagement and organisational productivity.

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Asset Management for Managers

30 June - 2 July 2014

In the Asset Management for Managers program, participants develop asset management (AM) strategy for their organisation/business unit that supports delivery of organisational objectives.

Factors that need to be taken into account by AM leaders are identified and criteria for assessing and prioritising strategy options explored to ensure that value/service is delivered and risks managed.

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